Leaving Canada

Well, that’s it. Its the end of an era. My last week was supposed to be a relaxing week in the beach, but Toronto didn’t want to oblige, so I had to settle for cloudy/ humid and sticky. I went to one last pub quiz which had a good ratio of 90s pop questions at my request, I went to a last Jays game – the roof was open and we won so that was good last game. The packing and clearing of the apartment was a never ending task, in fact, it didn’t end, I had to leave the apartment with stuff left in it after spending my last dying dying of an epic hangover and then leaving for the airport at 430am having spent the last hour trying to clear it out without waking up the whole building. My friend not only delivered hangover supplies in Saturday, but helped with the luggage and rubbish at 4am and took me to the airport waiting until I was all checked in.

I had drinks on Friday and it was lovely to see the people who mattered most. It really was most of the people who have been the biggest part of my time in Canada and it was such a fun night remembering silly happenings, dancing to Spice Girls and Cotton Eyed Joe, drinking far too many shots, lots of photos and laughter. There are people that I know I wont see again, people that I hope to and a few that I know I will.

I don’t know where life goes for me now. I have a lot of luggage (around 80kg) to unpack, a storage unit to unpack, a job to find and a bank to rob. It will take time to get used to how everyone at home has moved on, it will be strange, it will be good having a structure. I probably wont wear flip flops so much. I wont be able to walk to the beach or go to a silly amount of baseball games. I do look forward to getting myself back to the fit, running and healthy, with a high dose of sugar person. I cant wait to show Sparkwell and Dartmoor to Canadian visitors, I can’t wait to see parts of England where I now have friends…. and Scotland and Wales. I think I have done enough packing and unpacking, and once this lot is done, it is time to settle and just have some road trips at home.


Boston… day 4 

Our fourth and final morning arrived.  I had a fabulous time in Boston, but I was ready to flee from the humidity.  We were up early and off to Salem.  This is the town where Bewitched the TV show is set, and there the original true story of Bewitched came from.  It was an interesting little villagey place.  It wasnt what I expected – it was quite spiritual with candles that were “reiki charged” – anyone who knows me can imagine the eye rolling and the smirk on my face as I am writing this.  I enjoyed a sit down reenactment of a Witch Trial.  I didnt know that it all originally came from land disputes and accusing people of being a witch meant their land would be up for grabs.  To get out of being killed, one had to admit to being a witch, repent and name another witch who would be tried.  All sorts of silly things made people think one was a witch such as being an “aged cripple” or a “pipe smoking beggar”. There was one shop that sold things like hen claws and coyote teeth, they said it was all real.  I was not sure about this at all, I dont agree with it unless they were being eaten for meat as well…. I fear they were just killed for spiritual muppets to play about with.  Salem was a cute little place though to stroll around and we could have spent much longer there.

We had to get the train back to Boston to squeeze in our last highlights.  Luckily the last two places were really close to each other.  We went to see the Holocaust memorial.  As you walk through it, the grates shoot hot steamy air up at you.  The quotes and words written around the inside were really sad.  It reminded me of the Worls Trade Centre site.  Even though this wasnt the site of it happening, it was a really emotional place with the poignancy of the quotes.

Lastly, off to Hanover Street for a walk about and to get cannollis.  Unfortunately, the heat was getting to me and I couldnt eat – I was even off chocolate.  The street was a great place to go and eat if you want to have a nice restuarant each night.  Everywhere looked great and it was very Italian inspired with the names and the food. 

We popped back to the hotel to change and head for the aiport.  A much better experience with Porter on the way home.  The lady at the airport was great.  We had to sit on the runway in the heat for an hour which was annoying while we queued for take off, but other than that, all okay.  The lady accross the aisle from me was knitting, so I even had an opportunity to get help with where I had messed up mine.

Back to Toronto and in bed by midnight.