Boston… day 3 (part 2): Fenway Park Round 2

After a day out on the boat and food at Cheers, it was time to get my jersey out again ready for another Blue Jays game at Fenway.  Off to see Bob, the friendly Usher.  We sat down near where the pitchers were warming up.  I had a hot dog from outside the stadium wrapped up which was much nicer than the stadium hot dog the day before.

The game began with a rain delay before the rain arrived.  The diamond was covered with tarp and Bob advised us to have a plan for when the rain came – to either find a seat higher up under cover or go under and brave the concourse.  It came with a vengeance and we were off to higher ground.  Some people stayed and embraced the rain, soaked to the skin in seconds.  Those people had beer.  The rain delay put the game start back by an hour.  They cleared the tarp, ankle deep in water in some place as it ran off.  

The game began!  I was filled with excitement, missing the claps and the chants of our fans.   I got terribly excited when someone led the “Tulo” clapping.  I got right down by the pitchers warming up up close.  We were right behind Baustista who was being heckled throughout the game.

I got ice cream and we had our photos taken with Wally, The Green Monster who is the team mascot.  The ice cream at Fenway comes with a selection of sprinkles – this pleased me greatly.  It was the nice chocolate sprinkes, the soft ones.

It was another great baseball evening.  We did have a few “words” when my friend wanted to go back to the hotel, but I knew I would regret leaving.  We stayed until the end, which of course went in to extra innings and finished around 1am.  16 innings and we lost!  We had a picture with Bob at the end after a long evening.  I think Bob even had a little snooze towards the end there! 

It made me so motivated, I want to rent a car and travel america seeing all the baseball stadiums!  An adventure for another year. 


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