Boston… day 3 (part 1):  Whale Watching and Cheers

Up early-ish after the Fenway Park excitment and off to the harbour area to go whale watching.  I cant help but keep comparing to Vancouver in June.  Vancouver Whale Watching were much better, more friendly and just a better experience boat and staff wise, but Boston Harbour Cruises had an excellent whale count – though I suppose there would be more in Vancouver now as well.  The whales were just fantastic.  It was totally worth it.  They were all around us and going right up to some smaller boats – baby whales and their mums.  They were playing with each other, jumping out of the water, diving down so their tails flipped up out of the water and all sorts.  Loved it!  Very difficult to get any good photos but it was amazing to see.

After a few hours at sea, we took a very hot walk in the blistering heat to a little place where everyone supposedly knows your name.  We made it to Cheers and got a table upstairs in the set bar.  Of course the song wasnt playing on repeat in the in the bar the whole time, but it was playing on repeat in the foyer as you go in. Two gift shops in the one place.  The food, although just standard pub food, was actually very good!  I only had potato skins, but the portion was big and they were really good.  It was very busy in waves as the hop on hop off tour buses seemed to stop outside and deliver large amounts of people.  The service was great until the waitress seemed to have a passive aggressive tantrum that we didnt tip the 18-20% the bill suggested!

Back to the hotel to freshen up before Fenway Park round 2!


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