Boston… day 2: Fenway Park 

I was so excited about going to Fenway Park.  I put on my Blue Jays Jersey and headed for the stadium amidst a sea of Red Sox fans.  There were actually a surprising amount of Jays fans dotted around though.  The stadium was crazy once I got inside, much like Rogers.  There were fairground style entertainments with people throwing balls for prizes etc.  I grabbed two Mikes Hard Lemonades and headed for my seat.  I had come in the wrong door and the friendly Usher, Bob, sent me to the other side of the stadium.  

My seat was soooo good, totally worth it in a field box with in seat food and drink service.  I was right by the Jays dugout behind the cameras on the third baseline.  There were no Ushers around, so I did get to seat hop a bit in the first and second rows.  I was sat beside where the Jays were lined up in the dugout at one point.  The Usher in me was inwardly freaking out at the seat hopping, all the stuff on top of the dugout and people not having to wait at the top of the steps until a break in play to go back to their seats (all things you cant do at the Rogers Centre!).

I saw the Green Monster – a huge green wall that borders one side of the stadium.  The wall stops many hits that would be home runs if it wasnt there. 

I loved Fenway Park.  I loved the atmosphere and everything about the stadium itself.  I did not love the food prices or the unfulfilling “frank”.  The crowd sang Take me out to the Ball Game in the 7th inning, and Sweet Caroline in the 8th.  The jumbotrons were a bit confusing as there were three screens instead of one like at Rogers, so I wasnt always sure where to look.  The seats were definitely more spacious.  Someone proposed on the big screen, a man stood up and yelled “peanuts” and the crowd cheered as a peanut seller pitched them to the guy from a few sections away, a lady had a moth land on her hand and everyone cheered.  The little amusing things that happen always make me smile.

The Jays won which was nice.  It was strange having the majority of people clapping and cheering against the Jays.   At the end of game though, I was pleased to leave in the winning team Jersey.


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