The Week

Last week after a couple of days out, I kept the rental car for the week.  It was so nice to have some freedom in Toronto.  I went to the beach with a friend, then just spent the afternoon at hers with her and the kids.  I went out to a little lavender farm near Hamilton.  It was really pretty and smelt amazing as soon as I got out of the car.  I spent an evening at a friends house eating pizza, chatting and teaching her how to knit (we all seem to be at it right now).  It really hit me on the way home how much I will miss her and how I just wish I could take some people with me.  It has been nice just hanging out at friends houses, I havent been able to do this much here without a car, and I have never had an apartment fit for entertaining.  

I used the car to go to Kingston on Thursday with a pal.  We went to get Butter Tarts from Bettys Butter Tarts in Coburg on the way as they were recommended.  They were amazing butter tarts!  Soooo good.  I liked mine so much I wore some in my hair and down my top all day.  I dropped my friend at her appointment and pottered around Kingston.  I had a pint in the sun at a pub I have been to a few times before, I chatted to a Cornish man I met at the Farmers Market I explorer, browsed the shops, had some food and a milkshake and headed back to the city.   

I dropped the car back on Friday morning and went for a walk with a friend.  It was so hot and humid, we ended up shopping for wool and needles and sitting in the knitting shop cafe for a few hours relaxing.  Pub grub and home.  I slept for a crazy 16 hours! 


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