Boston… day 1

Adventuring again.  This time, fleeing the country in search of excitment in Boston.  Three of us were supposed to go, but unfortunately Erin was in hospital in the night after heat stroke.  Stephania and I set off as a twosome.  First time flying with Porter – you cant check in online if you have an English passport, waited for over an hour while only two members of staff checked people in, just made it to the plane and sat next to a grumpy woman.  Probably wont fly Porter again.  What a ridiculous system.  

Within an hour of arriving in Boston, it was clear to us that it was a great city to be in, the people are so friendly (nothing like those terrible New Yorkers I encountered in 2015).  We keenly listened for that Boston accent we all hear on TV, knudging each other as we heard twangs.  I think the accent is not a true stereotype as not everyone has it! 

We checked in to the hotel (that Erins Dad had treated us to – Hilton, lovely!) and headed for a stroll on Newbury Street where the shops are.  On the way, Erin said she felt better and was in a car on the way to Boston.  It was to be an 8-9 hour journey.  Alas, she made it half way before stopping and feeling ill.  It was a lovely idea!

The shops were nice to explore and we just walked and walked until a little park.  The buildings in Boston are a lovely mixture of nice old ones and shiny new ones in the back drop.  

Lots more walking and looking in shops and then we walked in the direction of Fenway Park.  There were people everywhere throughout our day in the Red Sox gear, with New York Yankees dotted around.  

The atmosphere around Fenway Park was lovely.  Lots of people, all so happy, music inside luring people in, bars all along the street next to the ball park playing music, with people eating, food smells – oh the food smells, the hot dog vendor food looked fantastic!  We walked around soaking it in and stopped for food and a pint at the Cast n Flagon pub.  

I got some deep fried Twinkies.  Not what I was expecting, not a taste sensation but not terrible.  Very strange.  Perhaps better if hungrier.

Aching feet, full tummy and time to plan our tomorrow.


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