Balls Falls Conservation Area

Another day out on Monday and I went to Balls Falls with a friend.  The weather was just right, not too humid but not cold.  I went to the falls in the winter but it was snowy so we didnt make it to the waterfall. We walked up to the top waterfall and then down to the bottom of it.  There were little frogs everywhere on the ground hopping around.  It was so nice to, again, be out of the city and in the countryside.  There are two waterfalls so we also had a look at the lower falls which reminded me of Devils Punch Bowl.  

We didnt realise before we went that there were old barns to look at with the carts to be pulled by horses, a cute little vegetable garden and all sorts of other interesting bits and pieces.  We ran around like children exploring.  There was a tree trunk that showed what happened in the life time of the tree and at what ring.  So, for example, it had about halfway on there that the Titanic sank.  

The gardens near the start were so pretty with lots of different bright flowers and butterflies and bees.  We sat by a pond and had a picnic.  There were so many bullfrogs in the pond loudly, well I dont know, ribbiting? at us.  It was just so peaceful and idyllic.

After our nature time, we browsed the outlet mall.  We were so proud our ourselves for not buying our dream handbags that we found!  It was a definite excuse to stop at Burlington for dinner (pie) in the Queens Head English pub – the only “English pub” I have been to over here that I would count as an English pub.

Last stop… Michaels craft shop… an easy place to waste time and money creating dreams of craft projects that would take ten years to complete them all!  I left feeling full from the pie, inspired and motivated by the craft supplies, excited by the fabulous photos I took and relaxed after a happy day out.  I am still thinking about that handbag though. 


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