The Maritimes… days 7&8… Bay of Fundy, Burntcoat Head, Maritime Museum

My final two days in Halifax were nice and relaxing.  Well, the whole trip was really!  I was up early for a longish drive to the Burntcoat Head Park, Bay of Fundy.  In 1975, the Guiness Book of Records listed this as the site of the greatest average tide in the world.  I have not suddenly become a tide geek, but it looked pretty, so off I went.  I wanted to be there to see both sides of the tide, so I was there for the tide to be around 0m at about 10am.  I walked around an island, took some pretty pictures in the sunshine and went to get some lunch.  I found a pub that had my favourite cider and my favourite food – breaded/ battered mushrooms! I got two portions and ordered a sandwich to go for later when I realised that mushrooms were not lunch. 

There was a lighthouse near here where I went to take some pictures.  Obviously, I couldnt just stick to the path and had to drive off a side road to explore. I got the car stuck on a dirt track with a really high bit in the middle under the car.  Luckily, on hearing the cars distress when its wheels spun, two lads appeared from nowhere and responded to my loud “whoops” as I got out by helping to rescue the car and send me on my way!

I was back at Burntcoat to see the tide coming in around the island and meeting itself at 1230 and then lay in the sun with an ice cream and book until high tide (approx 13.5m) at 330ish.  It was nice to see it through.

A lovely day in the sunshine.

The next day was my final day in Halifax.  I pottered down to walk along the waters edge and see the last things before leaving.  I went to the farmers market, and to the Maritime Museum.  The museum was on my list because I wanted to see the Titanic exhibit.  It was good and there was a talking parrot there that I found highly entertaining.  The Titanic exhibit was actually smaller than the one in St Johns and not as good or interactive.  It was good that it had more original bits from the shop though.   I wanted to visit the graveyard where the bodies where buried, but the traffic was mayhem and I just got stuck in circles not able to see where the entrance was to visit.  

I popped to the mall and had a look around and then off to the airport.


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