Elora Quarry, Cheltenham Badlands, RAM Rodeo

Me and a friend decided to potter off in search of some nice scenery and an overnight trip.  We went to Elora Quarry about 90 minutes North West.  The Quarry was so pretty with a tiny beach and not many people to share the space with.  The water was pleasant to swim in – although once it got deeper you couldnt see through the water, so you always think about whats under the surface!  It was lovely being in the sun, and it felt like we were hours away on holiday rather than being so close to the city.   We assumed that there would be bbqs to use like the parks in Toronto, so we took burgers and coal.  There were not.  We had to wait hours until someone brought one and we asked to use it!  Delicious, so worth the wait.  Photos cannot do this little hot spot justice.

We checked in to our hotel in Kitchener which was not quite how the pictures represented it.  It was clean, we think! The beds were comfy and we both slept well.  

The evenings entertainment was the RAM Rodeo in Woolwich.  It was full of a really random selection of people in stetsons and cow boy boots.  Id love some cow boy boots, but they would be completely ridiculous back strolling around village in England. Can you imagine?! It was entertaining with bareback riding, polebending, barrel  racing and bull riding.  A photographer didnt get out of the way when a bull swerved and didnt leave the ring… he was trampled and thrown around before being carted off in an ambulance.  That was all a bit crazy.  He had broken some ribs and his sternum.  

The next day, we visited St Jacobs Farmers Market.  It was crazy busy compared to when I went with Dad in April.  More stalls, no cattle auction, so so many people.  We had a nice potter around – ice creams and I got some new wool to knit with.  The alpacca wool is lovely, so so soft!

Our next stop was Cheltenham Badlands.  A conservation area in Caledon.  It is currently closed off for restoration and a man there told us this was largely due to damage being caused by groups of teenagers drinking there.  There was a nice hole in the fence for us to take photos without the fence being in the way.  I read that the hills were once a riverbed that was exposed in the 1930s due to farming practices that caused soil erosion exposing the river bed shale below.  

We found a cute little village called Belfountain for food and more ice creams and then headed back towards Toronto.  We stopped near the airport on the way back under the flight path to do a spot of plane spotting!  Surprisingly entertaining – some people in the same car park had deck chairs for the occasion !

My friend had evening plans, so I dropped her back and went home for dinner.  Still in the out and about mood, I picked up another friend nearby and went to Scarborough Bluffs for a couple of hours to watch the sunset – we had a perfect night with a full moon.


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