The Maritimes: day 6… Nova Scotia – Peggys Cove and The Citadel

A new city and a new adventure.  Day 6 was the day to visit Peggys Cove.  Peggys Cove is a cute litte cove with a lighthouse, fresh fish and lobster rolls for sale at the side of the road and little gift shops.  It is a really pretty area, unfortunately a little marred by the hoards of tourists and difficulty parking.  Yes, I realise I am a tourist, but I dont like others!  There was a restaurant at the top of the hill near the lighthouse, but it was very busy and noisy, not all relaxing.  The trouble I find in this neck of the woods is that I dont like seafood or salad – most eateries seem to have only seafood or salad.  I found a nice quiet restaurant 15 minutes further along the coast with risotto balls.  Lovely.

The sun was beating down and I was seeking a quiet spot to lay.  I found a beach by Chocolate Lake.  The lake was not chocolate.  The beach was lovely but very very busy, so I vacated and continued my search for relaxation.

I found myself visiting the Citadel.  There were guards all dressed up, people in different military dress reacting marche, bag pipes.  They must have been baking in the sun.  The guard hats are worn at an angle, one guy showed me the hilarious diagonal tan line it created on his forehead. 

The bottom of the hill was a lovely place to lie in the sun for a couple of hours, then off to the gym.  


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