The Maritimes: days 4 and 5…. Nova Scotia – Cabot Trail 

The Cabot Trail was a journey that was recommended personally and on numerous websites as a must do. I left Antigonish around 10 and set off for the Cabot Trail.  My first stop was Baddeck for breakfast/ lunch and then I was on my way.

As soon as I crossed over to Cape Breton, the accents seemed to change and they had much stronger dialects like Newfies.  I love these country accents.  

I saw a cute little School House near Goose Cove and stopped to take a photo.  The lady who owned the house was outside and invited me in to look around and have a drink.  The house was cute inside, really light with a huge open loft with nice wooden beams. The original wooden school floor was still there and also the blackboards still on the walls.  They ask visitors to sign the black board.  There were messages from years and years ago – I read messages in different languages, and messages that her mum, brother and first husband wrote before they died.  It was all dated and I saw them from as far back as the 60s.  Some less memorable ones have to be removed now and then for new ones.  

On the road again and I drove along the coast with lovely sunshine and views until I got to Ingonish Beach for an ice cream and some sunbathing.   My hotel for the night was in Ingonish. 

This morning I hit the Cabot Trail again.  True to Canadian form, the weather had a rethink and yesterdays glorious sunshine was replaced with rain and drizzle.  The views were pretty and I stopped in a few different places to look.  The trees were pretty and the road was winding up high in the forest until my ears went funny.  There was a cute little farmers market that I found, and a nice bakery.  It seemed to be the community get together with a guitar player and tea and coffee.  I stopped at a place in Cheticamp called Proud to be Hookers!  First I saw the sign saying Hooked Rugs and Crafts and thought, “no dont stop, you will only buy more stuff to pack”, then I noticed the other sign saying “Lolas” and “Proud to be Hookers”.  I was amazed by this this one room shop full of different hooked craft items.  It was fabulous.  Mats, coasters, rugs, christmas decorations, signs – everything you could want.  Years and years worth of work all in one room.  The shelves were piled.  The lady working there showed me how the to be a hooker.  I had to stop myself from buying all the supplies there and then as it looked fun and satisfying – I do love a craft project.  The technique looked a bit risky for someone who easily messes up wool based tasks, but I am itching to give it a go.  I have tried carding wool, felting wool, knitting… something has to stick.  Before I left, Lola the owner came in with a lovely dog called Chance.  Everyone in there was so chatty and friendly, I am smiling with a nice memory as I write.  I couldnt leave empty handed and came away with my very own hooked cow, and of course my ambitions to try it when I am home.

I finished up the Cabot Trail with a few more stops for photo ops, though pictures havent done it justice, and was glad to reach my hotel for night as it was a lot of driving and a lot of rain.  Hotel was the Dalhousie University in Truro which I booked so I could use the gym.  Unfortunately, the gym was closed, and there was no access to hot water for a cup of tea.  I sought refuge in a Goodlife.  It was a lovely gym and there was a little ladies only room off the changing room which was empty, so I set my ipad up and made the most of having the place to myself.  Tim Hortons chilli for dinner and here I am.

Tomorrow takes me to Halifax for my last 2 nights of this journey.  


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