The Maritimes… day 3 – PEI to Nova Scotia

Before getting the ferry to Nova Scotia, I went to see one more Red Sand beach.  Pinette park is around 20 minutes from the ferry.  I had a walk along the beach by the harbour – the water was sparkling in the sun and was warm like bath water.  There were a couple of houses with steps down from their gardens to the little harbour beach.  

I had a really lovely time on Prince Edward Island.  The whole place is peaceful – it was nice to hear birds, silence, wind in the trees, to smell the fresh clean air – and the cow smells, sea food and sea side.  There is no sense of urgency,  no hustle and bustle.  The people were friendly and helpful but not pushy.  There were purple and pink lupins everywhere dancing in the wind.

The ferry took around 90 minutes – enough time to get an ice cream and sit and read on the deck.

I went to Melmerby Beach when I got to Nova Scotia.  Very similar to the beach from yesterday with soft sand until the wind whipped it up in to my scalp and eyebrows and smashed it against my cheeks.  I kept my eyes shut and music in my ears.  

Tonights accomodation is Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.  Decent room with en-suite, used the gym, went out for dinner, did some laundry and to bed. 


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