The Maritimes… day 2 – PEI, Green Gables, Red Sand

Day two on Prince Edward Island.  I had a great sleep, the bed in my hotel was really comfy.  Breakfast was included,  bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, lovely.  I also got some bagels for lunch.

I headed North West to visit Green Gables, the house from Anne of Green Gables.  The car park was busy and full of coaches, I was worried it was going to be hectic.  I have no idea where the people were… was too busy at all which was nice.  The setting is so peaceful and relaxing.  The garden is surrounded by rose bushes and neat lawns and trees.  The house was owned by Lucy Montgomerys Aunt and Uncle.   It is not exactly as it was when Lucy Montgomery used to visit them as it was since sold, but it has been redecorated to fit with the era and with her descriptions in the book.  It was a cute house with really light bright bedrooms, and every room had at least one rocking chair in it.  I love rocking chairs!  There was a girl whose job was to wander around the grounds dressed as Anne.  I found this a little weird.  There were also children that had come to visit and were dressed with straw hats and plaits.   In addition to the house, I walked down Lovers Lane and around the Balsam Hollow and Haunted Wood trails.  There were signs with quotes by Lucy Mongomery around the grounds.  She said of Lovers Lane… “How beautiful it was – geeen and alluring and beckoning!  I had been tired and discouraged and sick at heart before I went… and it… stole away the heart sickness, giving piece and newness of life”.  How true this is.  It was so calm and relaxing with a slight breeze rustling in the trees.  Even though there were other people on the trail occasionally, the sound didn’t seem to travel and it felt like I had the woods to myself.  I just looked back at the quotes again to find photos and found another one that LM wrote… “The woods always seem to be to have a delicate, subtle life all of their own… in the woods I like to be alone for every tree is a true old friend and every tip toeing wind a merry comrade… I always feel so utterly and satisfyingly at home…”.  I heard a few people saying that that had seen the film and not read the book.  I haven’t read it for years and wish I had read it again more recently – I was going to buy a nice copy as a momento, but they were really expensive in the gift shop, and most of them had the covers with scenes from the film.  One of the nice things about the whole place was the lovely magical nature of it – to come and see it as a film destination seemed to take some of that away.  I had an ice cream – mint of course – and headed for the beach.  Oh yes, and the mosquitos, the mosquitos were out in their droves.  I have a big swelling on my forehead, and my right ankle is so swollen from one bite, it wont bend properly.

I left Green Gables and had a drive around the area looking at the views of the coast.  I stopped and read my book at a little beach, but there were lots of ants, so I packed up and moved to Cavendish Beach a five minute drive away.  The sand was so warm and soft, it was gorgeous just lying in the sun reading.  The sand was less soft when the wind picked up and used it as an assault weapon against my face.  I had a nice hour or two there and then pottered off in search of red sand.  

Argyle Sands – a great beach with big fields and steps down the red cliffs to the sand.  The water was warm, the sand was wet and very silt-y.  My feet sank in to it like clay squelching between my toes and under my toe nails.  I picked up some huge souvenir shells.  After lying in the grass at the top of the cliff for an hour, the tide had come in almost to the bottom of the cliffs.

McDonalds, Netflix, Bed.


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