Maritimes: Day 1 – Moncton, Prince Edward Island…. Bottle Houses and coastal drive 

Adventure time again and this trip I am back on the East Coast. A 9am flight to Moncton got me here for midday. I was one of the last on the flight to do my online check in and the only seats left were upgrades so I had snacks and water provided on the plane. This is the first Westjet flight where I have been on the tiny plane – now I see why some people arent sure about Westjet…. the seats are tiny! I would be okay except that the woman next to me was massivly encroaching on my seat. Luckily, the air hostess was a bit of a comedian on the tannoy, so the flight passed quickly. Approaching the airport and everything was so green – it looked like Moncton is just a forest. As soon as I see the green, the trees, fields, lawns, horses, cows, tractors – I feel more relaxed and almost emotional. I loved the East Coast when I visited Newfoundland, and the feeling stands so far. I did wander if the West Coast would steal my heart last month – but whilst the mountains are undeniably breathtaking, I feel like its a one trick pony, and my heart is firmly in the East.
Picked up a car and thought I should do something in Moncton while there. I went to Magnet Hill. A bizarre optical illusion where you drive down a hill and at the bottom, put the car in neutral and it reverses up the hill as if a magnet is pulling it. It goes quite fast as well.
The weather here today has been cloudy, rainy and humid, so beaches were out of the question. I drove to Prince Edward Island and along the coast to see the bottle houses. There are three buildings that were made by one man, obviously out of bottles. A bar, a house and a church. The gardens around are lovely and would be a gorgeous place for a picnic on a sunny day. I would also imagine the light would be fantastic shining through the bottles.  

The drive along the coast was really pretty – cloudy sky and the water looks reddish because the sand is red here. Lots of derelict houses along the way, houses with lots of fishing nets and equipment and all the ones that werent derelict had perfectly groomed lawns – huge plots of land with a wooden house in the middle, the houses with porches looking out at the water, but no fences and seemed to be no use for the giant lawns!  

Lots of houses around the bits of PEI have driven around so far (West side of the Island) have Acadian flags and people I spoke to speak Acadian French and English.  
My hotel is nice, a tv motel style place with parking outside each room.   


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