Queen Elizabeth Wildlands

Back from Vancouver and I was off for some more outdoor time with friends.  We went to Queen Elizabeth 2nd Wildlands which is a couple of hours north of Toronto.  It is actually the second biggest park south of Algonquin, but noone here seems to have heard if it.  

We were prepped and ready for a good few hours hiking in the forest – bug repellant an bear bells, water bottles and supplies.  It was good fun and warm, so it was good hard work climbing and navigating through the forest.  It had water, pretty views, a bright blue sky, full green trees and foliage and a precarious beaver dam to cross.  Alas, the whole place was like a big breeding ground for mosquitos.  They were all lying in wait for me.  We persevered as best we could, but they won the war and we had to turn back.  I shook dead mosquitos out of my hair when I got home.  

We went for a drink and some food at a nice pub in Coboconk and headed back to Toronto after a good day out.


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