Vegas – day 4 – Mob Museum, Fremont Street, Helldorado 

My last full day in Vegas and me and my poor burnt skin were out off toursiting, and definitely not sunbathing!  First stop, the Mob Museum.  The museum was three floors full of interesting mob and crime facts and photos, as well as some stuff on the history of Vegas.  Ended up spending three hours there.  There was a lot of cool stuff about undercover mobsters and mobsters turned informant, I left with a list of films and books for further reading.  I enjoyed reading about the murders, the whys and hows.  It seems mobs kill a lot of people with car bombs!  I also didnt realise how much power they had over, well everything…. the use of the word Mafia in The Godfather was restricted by the mob after they tried to stop the whole film being made.

After my morning in the Museum, I crossed the road to Fremont Street.  Lots of people have recommended I go there and they said its better than the strip and cheaper.  I have to say I found it a bit sleazier and cheaper in that way, lots of people begging for money, more of a stag of hen party strip I thought.  Much prefer the main strip and glad I didnt make much effort to go there.  

It was so so hot.  I got a packed bus to the strip for my last adventure.  This option had passed me by until I saw on Instagram the Redneck Magician had been there after his show.  As soon as I realised there was a Professional Bull Riding show, I knew that was my entertainment for my final night.  The show was at an entertainment village opposite the Luxor on the strip.  I saw some cowboys in the Luxor and walked with them to the event.  One of them was a bullrider.  He said he started aged 11.   The event itself was a mini festival called Helldorado.  There was a country band playing with hay bales to sit and watch, a petting zoo, a lumberjack show and pig racing.  The pig racing was hilarious – they all had little jackets on with a number and raced out of their pens to a plate of food.  

The bull riding show started with fireworks at 745.  Each rider was helped on to the bull in the pen and then the cowboys outside opened the gate up and the bull and rider shot out.  They had to stay on for 8 seconds to qualify for the next round.  This competition ends with someone being number 1 in the world.  The competitors were the best and the ones that were defending top place titles made it look easier.  They had to keep one hand in the air, and the judges decided if the bulls performance was enough and if not, the rider would have to do it again.  The cowboy I chatted to on the way was up third and he qualified.  After the 8 seconds, the rider had to find a way to get off and run to safety while the bull either ran out of the arena or was rounded up by the cowboy on a horse and led out on a rope.  It was a fantastic atmosphere with music and cheering and cheesy entertainment during commercial breaks.  There were candidates for Miss Teen America there wearing sashes and Miss America was also there.  There was only one bull that seemed angry and scratched the ground ready to charge, and no riders were injured. 

A fun last night!  I strolled up the strip a bit and got some food, then got a bus back to the hotel to pack ready to leave in the morning


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