Vegas – day 3 – Redneck Magic Show, Stratosphere Tower

My long day at the canyon and magic show earned me a lie in and another day by the pool.  I found the ladies I was chatting to the other day down there, it was nice to have easy people to chat to.  I enjoyed being around my fellow English.

I did not wear enough sun cream.  It would seem that a splash here and there of factor 6 was not enough for 6 hours of unclouded Vegas 30 degree heat.  It hurt so much.  It hurt to wear clothes or move.  My skin would not stop burning.  I have never burned my legs or arms before, craziness.

Me and me burning body had a cold show, some soothing aftersun and trotted off to the Stratosphere for a show.  This was the show I tried to see on my first night – they emailed me and said because of the mix up, they would refund my ticket and also send me a new ticket for the show.  This was a show on a much smaller scale to the other two.  A much lesser known magician with seating for around 40 people.  This was the Redneck Magic Show.  The guy was not like other magicians, a tattooed muscle model who mixes humour and magic.  The show managed to entertain and baffle me with the magic without needing the big display and huge props.  The tricks were mostly card tricks, cutting ropes, signing $100 bills and then burning them and they reappear somewhere else.  I cant even begin to figure out how this happened!  He was funny and unpolitically correct, which is right up my street.  I would love to see this show again!  There was one moment where he was swallowing a long balloon wearing a Hello Kitty tutu dancing to the the song from Deliverance.  He later pulled the balloon back out and it was somehow now a balloon animal – a shitsu! 

After the show, I went up the Stratosphere Tower.  I was searched more than I have ever been for the CN Tower.  I stayed at the top until the sun had set.  The views of the mountains behind the city were gorgeous, and it was pretty seeing the city and strip gradually light up. It was cooler and windy which was nice on my sunburn, I leaned against cold surfaces at every opportunity.

After the tower, I decided to go get a tattoo.  Unfortunately, despite the place being near the Stratosphere, it suddenly became verg dodgy where I was walking.  I got a cab, but the tattoo place was unfriendly and questioned why I hadnt made an appointment (despite inviting walk ins on their sign).  I didnt get one – it was too expensive and I cant really afford it anyway.

I cabbed back to Circus Circus and saw a trapeze act in the hotel before bed.  


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