Vegas day 1 – Pool, Copperfield, Fountains

On the plane…
With my more recent travels being road trips within Canada, it was about time I boarded a plane for my first plane trip of the year and am on the way to VEGAS! I am excited about this one, but also for some reason feel a little nervous. Its a busy bustling place to be in on my own, although as I write this, I think back to New York – if I can still enjoy the touristing when I am in a city full of unhelpful New Yorkers, I am sure this will be fine. I have a ticket to one of the three magic shows I want to see for tonight, and a super early wake up for a trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I am hoping I will be able to get the tickets for the other two shows once I arrive.  
I am very much looking forward to some time to relax and some sun. I see now why Canadians are so keen to have a sun holiday in the winter. Whilst the snow is pretty and fun, the winter is long. It feels like every day the sun shines is a cruel taste of the summer that is yet to arrive. Despite this longing for some sun, I remember the humidity and each day of sun also reminds me I am one step closer to a sweaty summer of heat warnings! Thank goodness I swim in the lake, unlike many locals!
Anyway. Vegas. I have very little concept of what time it will be in an country at any time and what the money will be worth as three time zones to manage for communication purposes and three currencies to consider when assessing value is all too much!
Day 1…
Made it to the hotel, Circus Circus, and checked in. I was a bit nervous about the hotel as it was one of the more reasonably priced ones and I didn’t want it to be awful. I had a choice whether to stay in the main building or an outbuilding – The Manor. I went for The Manor as it is closer to the pool. The building made me worried, the entrance and the hallway are a little run down. Luckily, I opened the door to my room and breathed a sigh of relief – clean, nice, a safe, good size, air con, wardrobes with lights inside that come on when you open the door. Quick change and I was down by the pool in the sunshine. I spent a couple of hours in the sun, found some nice ladies to chat to. Just lying in the sun made me feel more relaxed than I have in a long time. It actually made me a bit homesick for pool/ sun holidays to Europe. The beach by me is great in the sun, but its a different kind of relaxing for me lying on a lounger by a pool. It was a little less relaxing when I purchased a Malibu and Coke for $18 (I think that’s about £15).  

When I thought on the plane about a weird nervous feeling…. I was right, this is where some mishaps began. The hair dryer in my room wouldn’t work, and after waiting 30 mins and a new one not arriving, I was going to be late for the show I had booked. I also looked at my receipt for the room and realised that I had been charged more than my rate. Luckily, the manager in reception was really helpful and refunded me the extra as somehow it had charged me based on four people being in the room. He also had a hairdryer in the room for when I got back. Running late, I got a cab to the Stratosphere for my 6pm show. At the ticket pick up desk, I was told it wasn’t on until Thursday. They gave me a free ticket to ride to the top of the Stratosphere – I may do this after dark one evening. Determined not to waste the evening, I enquirer about the other shows I want to see and was told that one wasn’t on that night and the other was sold out. Not to be defeated, I found the monorail. It is like a street car in the sky. You can see the tracks at the side so all you see is a shear drop all around! I got off at the MGM to see if I could get a ticket to the Copperfield show. Turns out, not sold out! Got a cheeky upgrade as the show was about to start and I just needed the one seat.
David Copperfield was exactly as in the pictures, a big mop of dark hair that cannot be natural. The theatre was not too big, there were no bad seats in there. I had a much more reasonably priced Malibu and found my seat. The people beside me were lovely and we chatted waiting for the show to start – they were from Oklahoma and I loved the accents. Each table had a smart wooden box on it for mobile phones to go in to stop people recording or taking photos. The Magic was really good, lots of it blew my mind – I was desperately looking to spot mirrors or ledges or anything to give a clue as to the secret behind the tricks. I love the classics like the pulling a bird out of a box or bucket. He had a duck and did not disappoint with this one. There was one where he lay in box with his head sticking out and what must have been fake feet, or was the head fake as well? Who knows? But the box then shrank so it was as if he was only a foot tall in the same box. I have no idea how it happened, it was so good. There was a story tying the tricks together – if I’m honest, the story was a bit naff and I would have just preferred a string of tricks or some banter in between. We all know that he does two shows a day, pretty much every day, so when he says this is the first time I am opening a letter from my father, it seemed disingenuous. At the start we all had to send an email with our hometown in the message and our locations all appeared on a map. He then sent us all an email, told us to check it appeared and not to read it, then phones back in the box. At the end of the show, we were told we could read the emails. The email had a prediction on of a number of things that happened – I am baffled. I have no idea how this happened, unless every volunteer was a set up? But then how can everybody throw frisbee that precisely to get the right volunteers?! Despite being impressed with some of the tricks, I am not sure if this is one I would see again.  It was good, but I don’t feel satistifed, I think it’s the rubbish linking story that took the shine off.  Luckily there will be more to see and compare.

After getting lost in the MGM, I found my way out on to the strip. It was really nice walking around seeing the big hotels and lights. Not too hot. Not too busy. I just strolled in the evening, not making eye contact with the less savoury looking characters, and taking it all in.    I got supplies so I have breakfast for while I am here.  I randomly came across a Zoltor machine like on the film Big.  I was delighted that I could actually put a dollar in and it came to life.  Not only did the machine verbally tell me that I should laugh often, it gave me a pretty fair assessment of me in my fortune card.  As one who doesn’t believe in any of that stuff, it was weird how accurately this one fitted.

I got to the the Bellagio and waited a couple of minutes for the fountain show before getting a cab back to the hotel.  Back before ten after all that ready to get some sleep for a busy day.


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