Week two with Dad in Canada 

After our trip to Quebec and Montreal, the pace did not really slow down.  I worked the next day while Dad pottered around the beaches and we went downtown for some touristing in the evening.

We went to see the CN Tower just as it was getting dark and stayed up there until the city was all lit up.  I hadnt seen it at night, so it was nice to see another different view.  Dad said he wanted to have a steak at some point on his trip, so we went to The Keg.  The meal was spectacular. We had steaks and creme brulee for dessert. 

Tuesday came, along with more clouds, so our indoor plan was implemented and we went to the Science Centre.  It was interesting, there was lots to see and do, though too much information.  We ended up staying until it closed.  We were amused by how they managed to put a Canadian spin on many things that we were sure werent really invented by Canadians! Lightbulbs, the telephone… I must google.

On Tuesday night we went to the pub quiz down the road with friends.  We didnt win – but 5th out of 11 teams is not shabby.

Wednesday was a quiet day around the beaches and the ravine, and I had work in the evening, so I sent Dad downtown to explore.   

We hired a car on Thursday and went off on an adventure to the St Jacobs cattle auction and Farmers Market.  The auction was fun to see and the market was great in the sunshine.  There were lots of market stalls indoors and out with such a random selection of stuff for sale.  The whole place was run by mennonites who I think are similar to the Amish.  They were wearing bonnets and the men had on hats and braces like on the TV.  There was a lot of interesting stuff they made like ragdolls wearing dungarees and quilts, bonnets and all sorts of other stuff.  We could have stayed all day, but we planned to go to Niagara Falls, so we tore ourselves away to go and admire the view, and the journey behind the falls.  We were just walking back to the car when the rain started.

Toronto Islands had to be on the agenda and, luckily, we had a sunny day on Friday to visit before the baseball game.  We were very proud of ourselves as, having eaten lots of sweet treats, we cut down by shaing and shared a muffin, then shared a beavertail later shared a burger and fries at the baseball.  Probably still too much junk!

The last full day arrived.  Packing, beaches, drinks on the patio of a pub on the beach until dinner and some drinks with friends. 

Last day, we were up surprisingly early to do some last shopping at the Eaton Centre.  I got a few summery tops and we were delighted to get chocolate samples.  Dad managed to get two.  We had a last stroll on the boardwalk.  The waves were big and people were out surfing on stand up paddle boards in wetsuits.  There were lots of people taking photos and the beach was getting washed away.  Apparently the lake has never been this high.  The chairs we were sitting in on Saturday were surrounded by water.

My friend lent us his car so I could take Dad to the airport.  

It was such a fun two weeks.  I am so lucky that I get on so well with my Dad and we enjoy the same things and have the same stupid sense of humour.  I have so many funny stories and memories of this trip – the lesbians on the ferry that Dad asked me if I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend or mother and son, not realising my earring fell off and landed in the bag of nuts until Dad nearly broke a filling, defending English weather, introducing good friends to him, lots of creme brulees, him singing “on the boardwalk”, bagels – so many bagels, street cars, free chocolate, chocolate shots


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