Dad and Daughter roadtrip to Montreal (and Quebec)

Our time in Quebec over and it was time to make the trek to Montreal.  We got there earlier than intended and headed straight to the hotel to check in.   We stayed fairly close to where I stayed last time, and I remembered my way around fairly easily.   Having the car the this time and going back over the same areas amazed me with how much ground I had covered last time on foot.

Unfortunately, the hotel did not manage to put us in rooms near each other, or even in the same building.  Hotel was okay other than that, and the fact that my bathroom was so small, I had to sit sideways on the loo as there wasnt room the other way!We got there in the early evening so drove down near the Old Montreal for a walkabout and to see the Notre Dame Basilica.  The square was busy, so we had a quick look around and then went for some dinner.  Dinner was at the chocolate restaurant, Juliette et Chocolat.  It was shots of chocolate, meringue floating in custard for Dad and chocolate fondue for me.  I remembered the place from last time, it was so good!  We didnt stay late as I wasnt feeling 100%.  I slept really well in the hotel and we had tea and toast for breakfast.

Sunday morning involved some walking around the shops and port, sitting in the sunshine (yes, we finally had a break from the rain and an opportunity to don flip flops).  We had maple taffy rolled in the ice from a sugar shack.  We went to Notre Dame to look around inside.   We just strolled around the city after, and it was lovely.  

I had to take Dad to try Fairmont bagels, so we went to get bagels and the drove to Mont Royal to sit and eat them in the sun looking out over the city.  Mont Royal is a park/ mountain in the city that has a lovely parking area with a view over the city, and lots park and green at the top to visit.   

We didnt want to be back too late (it ended up being 12.45am), so we decided to have some more tasty treats from another Juliette et Chocolat.  This time, chocolate shots followed by a sundae with warm chocolate sauce for me and a crepe for Dad.  I wanted everything on the menu, all the treats in the bakery counter and the entire stock of the chocolate shop.  We got some desserts to bring back and a few bits from the shop.

Back to Toronto.  The drive was just under 7 hours with a couple of short stops.  The road was full of pot holes and we were tired, so it was slow, steady and even more tiring.  

Despite the huge amount of driving, the whole trip was totally worth it.  I loved all of it, but the highlights (other than chocolate based food) were definitely Montmorency Falls in Quebec city and just strolling around Montreal.  So happy the sun joined up on the last day.   Before coming to Canada, 2 or 3 hours seemed like a road trip, now, if I want to go somewhere 7, 8, 9 hours away, I just do it.  I love the opportunities this will open up for me. 


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