When Dad came to town…  Round 2. Part 1.

Another month, another visitor.  A repeat visitor again. Dad is back and we have a fun filled two weeks in the diary.  

Day 1 was a gorgeous sunny day for strolling around the beaches.  A little windy by the water, but nice for walking and getting his bearings back.  It looked good enough to swim, but we are not silly.

Day 2 took us downtown with plans to potter around the Eaton Centre and then head for the Science Museum.  Normally, an excellent planner, I dropped the ball and did not check the Science Museum opening hours.  In my defence, what sort of toursit attraction closes at 4pm?!  We did a spot of shopping and met the Welsh and the Scottish and went for mac n cheese balls and warm cookie and ice cream desserts.  We got tickets for the Jays vs Red Sox game and sat down in the 100 level.  It was weird being there not working!  I kept wanting to say “Hey, hows it goin’?” to people and direct them to their seats.  After a fair few losing games this season, it was nice to be at a winner!

Day 3 saw us heading East for a roadtrip…. 


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