Pulling teeth

Having a tooth whilst awake is not one of those things that is not as bad as you think it is going to be.  What a horrific experience.  

Having been in a lot of tooth pain, I had to go to the dentist. I had prepared myself to have a filling (I find this traumatic enough in itself) and found myself being sent off to a surgeon for an awake wisdom tooth removal.  I was offered a video clip to see what was going to happen, I firmly declined.  The four injections were terrifying and painful.  I could not actually feel the process after this, so that was good, however, it was still awful having my mouth propped open and all the drama.  They kept saying breathe through my nose, how do you breathe through your nose when its all snotty and blocked due to crying through the whole thing?! Luckily there was a nice lady wiping my tears and holding my hand.  The worst bit that I was not prepared for was being able to HEAR the tooth being ripped out – like the sound of the roots ripping when you pull a plant or weed up.

I asked to keep my tooth, it was huge! They wouldnt let me.

Afterwards, I found myself being given gauze to pack it and hopefully the bleeding would eventually stop.   I didnt think of having to do this and didnt not want to touch it or go near it.  Luckily, a friend was able to pick me up and a few hours later it had pretty much stopped bleeding in time for work.  My face was huge and I did not realise that two codeine on an empty stomach would make me very sleepy and very spaced out.  I couldnt smile at my customers because it hurt, I managed a teeth baring grimace later in the night.

I had to work the next day, but then my friend took me out shopping and, by the evening, I was ready to consider food.  Luckily, the pub we ate at did mashed potato with cheese and gravy for me.  A pint of cider is incredibly potent on an almost empty stomach and drugs.  I slept really well.

I am glad the tooth is out.  I am incredibly annoyed about the insane bill.  Canadian dental care is a nightmare – people are not entitled to it free or low cost unless they are on benefits, or if you have a job with a dental plan.  Those of us in the middle of the road working hard, but in jobs without dental plans are left to suffer.  The dentist said one to two weeks recovery time.  Four days later and it is still bruised and sore to move my face too much, but I feel okay other than this.  I slept lying down fully last night, the swelling has mostly gone and I think today I can eat something other than mashed potato or soup.

I must remember this experience and not let it fade as I must never have a tooth out while awake again. 


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