Being a Quiz Host

The last three weeks, my random life has had me hosting quiz nights at a pub down the road.  A guy I met through the Brits in Toronto Facebook group hosts them here and in the UK and he asked me to host a few for him while he was back in England.  I was so nervous at first about the use of the microphone.  I am used to being in front of groups, but the tools of my trade are usually flipcharts and PowerPoint.   The microphone went surprisingly well and was fine after the first five minutes.  Luckily James sent all the info and quiz questions, so I just had to find some cheesy jokes to start the night off and make up an interactive round and I was well away.  The first week, I had people unrolling toilet rolls on their team mates, week two they were writing poems with random words to be included, and last night had to build the tallest freestanding structure.  It was so fun to see that everyone joined in, got competitive and seemed to enjoy these!  I had about 25 people the first week, then 42 and 33 last night.

I had so much fun hosting these….  I only read the answer out once by mistake! And I have learnt so much random stuff.  Who knew the hole in a guillotine for chopping people’s heads off is called a lunette? It has been nice seeing teams that came last gradually climb the ranks, and teams that started with two grow as they bring their friends.  And this is in just three weeks.  Next time, Ill be back on the other side competing for the title.

(Quiz Coconut if you want to find one – and


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