He came back: Marlies, St Patricks Day, CN Tower

In October, I had my friend from home visiting.  He loved it so much, he decided to come again.  Yesterday was a fun day pottering around downtown, being terrible influences on each other shopping – I am obsessed with Mac makeup and he cant stop buying sports gear.  He has so many baseball caps, and more clothes than I can begin to imagine needing in my entire adult lifetime.   

We went down to the harbour front, I had Beavertail and we walked to the CN Tower.  Obviously visited the Jays shop – I bought the most adorable Mickey Mouse/ Blue Jays hat for my sisters baby.  So cute.

My pal has a major problem with heights and on his last visit was unable to conquer the CN Tower.  I suggested a spontanous attempt at going up, that I had of course pre planned.  His friend met us there and he realised with an onslaught of nagging that he had better attempt it.  He stood in the lift nose to the wall and made it!   We had a drink at the top and headed for the hockey.

I have not been to the Ricoh Stadium before, so we headed there to see a Marlies game to meet friends.  Actually, I have been when I went there by accident last month when the Marlies were at Air Canada instead.  The stadium was much smaller and we had good seats.  They won, and there were lots of fights which I enjoyed.  

We left the game and headed to the pub for the St Patricks day party which was in full swing when we got there.  A fun night had by all.


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