This week has been gorgeous weather wise.  The sun has been shining and I have been in flip flops.  Supportive soled Birkenstocks.  No more lovely Roxy flip flops that I usually live in.  Though these new ones really are incredibly comfortable.  Yesterday, I sat on the beach for a while reading my book in one of the big comfy chairs down there.  I took my flip flops off, sunglasses on and while the sun beat down on me, continued reading about where Paul Daniels and magic began, while Zac Brown Band quietly played my favourite songs from last summer on the beach.  I was a little confused by the Canadians around me still wearing cold weather gear, but I feel like this is the third year I have experienced this.  I still dont understand why they havent evolved to be impervious to the cold.  They certainly handle the frightful humidity, so why not the other side of it.  

Not content with walking barefoot in the sand, I had to dip my toes in the water.  It was very cold, but oddly bearable.   

Today, I continued my enjoyment of spring and rescued my bike from the garden where it has been untouched since November.  A few minor bits of rusting, but nothing with an effect on the running of the bike.  It survived well.  I took it off to buy a pump and the guy in the shop filled the tyres with air for me.  Off to do some errands, to the gym for a sunbed and back along the trail by the beach with a stop for a drink on the way.  Lovely.

It is days like these that make me fall in love with Canada again.


Goodbye Mavis

Last night, I had a lovely evening with a friend seeing Beauty and the Beast and then having a few drinks at the pub.  Sadly, I came home to find my little Ninja lying on the floor of her cage hardly moving.  I picked her up and she kept shaking and dribbling until she she stopped moving.  She has been my best friend here anytime I have wanted a friend or a cuddle.   I have spent hours and hours watching her swinging on the bars, learning to balance on her swing and playing on her little see-saw that the pet shop let me choose for her when we gave them her babies.  I knew she was getting old for a hamster, but I just thought I would find her gone one day, seeing her die was sad, I couldnt help her.

I buried her this evening in one of my favourite places to walk.

He came back: Marlies, St Patricks Day, CN Tower

In October, I had my friend from home visiting.  He loved it so much, he decided to come again.  Yesterday was a fun day pottering around downtown, being terrible influences on each other shopping – I am obsessed with Mac makeup and he cant stop buying sports gear.  He has so many baseball caps, and more clothes than I can begin to imagine needing in my entire adult lifetime.   

We went down to the harbour front, I had Beavertail and we walked to the CN Tower.  Obviously visited the Jays shop – I bought the most adorable Mickey Mouse/ Blue Jays hat for my sisters baby.  So cute.

My pal has a major problem with heights and on his last visit was unable to conquer the CN Tower.  I suggested a spontanous attempt at going up, that I had of course pre planned.  His friend met us there and he realised with an onslaught of nagging that he had better attempt it.  He stood in the lift nose to the wall and made it!   We had a drink at the top and headed for the hockey.

I have not been to the Ricoh Stadium before, so we headed there to see a Marlies game to meet friends.  Actually, I have been when I went there by accident last month when the Marlies were at Air Canada instead.  The stadium was much smaller and we had good seats.  They won, and there were lots of fights which I enjoyed.  

We left the game and headed to the pub for the St Patricks day party which was in full swing when we got there.  A fun night had by all.

St Patricks Day 5k #2

Last Sunday was -11 degrees.  It was also the day of the St Patricks Day 5k I signed up for a few months ago.  I did it last year in under 32 mins and was hoping to beat that time this year.  Unfortunately, my many ailments were against me and I ended up having to rest for a week just to think about running it.  With plantar fasciitis in full swing and my ankle sore, off I trotted.  It was a little disheartening that I was overtaken by blind runners and children.  I just think about how I used to be able to run pain free and much faster and I am back to where I began years ago.  Well, actually, no I am not, but sometimes it feels like it.  Despite this, I am over the moon that I finished the run, and ran the whole thing without stopping.   I did it in 35 minutes and 6 seconds.  I am actually over the moon with this time given my injuries and deflated feelings being overtaken. 

I shall not be beaten and hope to sign up for another next month.