Kerry is in town.  Days 4, 5 & 6 – Beaches, Eaton Centre, Marlies

Day 4 

Day 4 took us on a stroll around The Beaches.  The temperature was in the plus, the sky was blue and the sun shining.  We left our coats and scarfs at home and hit the ravine.  The snow everywhere was rapidly melting.  We met my Welsh and Scottish friends and went for breakfast at the only place that I know does a great bacon bap.  

There is an exhibition on the beach where different artists have created sculptures around the lifeguard stations.  Last year was fantastic – the fully functioning sauna.  Among this years designs, there is one with lots of upside down christmas trees, glass bottles to put messages in, reflective stations and the winner was a metal cage shaped like the tail of a fish filled with different coloured plastic bottles.  

I introduced Kerry to my favourite coffee shop and we had dinner in the pub. 

Day 4

We went to hunt down the elusive Beavertrails for brunch.  They went down well and Kerry devoured hers in a much messier fashion than I usually see from her.  We shopped.  We spent the day at the Eaton Centre playing with makeup at MAC and getting some makeup guidance, shopping, trying things on and just generally pottering. We did this until our feet hurt and it was time to go.  A friend invited us for dinner which was lovely of her, so after a quick pit stop, off we went. 

Day 5

Today we went for a Beavertail brunch again.  We pottered around downtown by the harbourfront and slowly made our way to the Ricoh Coloseum ready to see the Marlies hockey game.  Unfortunately, after making it all the  way there – and it is quite a trek – we realised we were at the wrong stadium.  There was much confusion about why we couldnt find a door open to get it, and why there was noone around.  Luckily, another girl and her friend had made the same mistake and we all shared a cab to the Air Canada Centre getting there just in time for the anthems!  

This is the first time I have seen the Marlies, so it was strange being in the ACC without it being full.  It was a lot quieter and lots more children.  It was still such good fun and Kerry seemed to love it.

That seems like enough entertainment for one day, but we popped home for warm layers and went to visit the Distillery District to see the Light Festival.  We were warned it was not all it was made out to be, but thought we would go anyway.  There were some pretty lights and displays but yes, we didnt stay long.  There were long queues and serious artsy people.  The LOVE padlocks looked nice lit up though. Pub grub and bed. 


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