Kerry is in town.  Day 3 – Barrie, Lake Simcoe and Snow Tubing

Another day with the freedom that comes with renting a car.  We picked up my friend from Manchester and headed north.  The huge fields of perfect untouched snow were gorgeous and the snow drifts at the side of the road so pretty.  

First stop, the Spirit Catcher in Barrie.  This sculpture has been there since 1987 after being created in Vancouver in ’86.  It is right by Lake Simcoe in downtown Barrie.  

The lake was completely frozen and we took some tentative steps out.  We were advised by locals 1.  The snowmobiles were out in the middle where the ice is thinner and 2.  People were out in tents ice fishing, so we should be absolutely fine.  They did however end with a caution to run if we hear a cracking sound.  Great.  We strolled along the edge of the lake and saw the ice sculptures from last weekends Winter Festival.  They were melting a bit and some limbs had fallen off the people, but the maze was still intact and they were pretty to see. We were just in time.  We took another step out on to the lake further around the bay, when a man strolled out past us with no hesitation with his dogs.  By this point, me and the one from Manchester were feeling okay about it felt safer.  As safe as you can feel standing on a frozen lake.

We walked back through the high street stopping for chocolate brownies and hot chocolate, and to get some treats in a cheese and and chocolate shop.  We tasted chocolate cheese.  It was vile.  The shop was cute though, and stocking just chocolate and cheese in one shop, genius.  

Lunch.  AMAZING red pepper soup in a pub that sold pints for $3.25.  How the place wasnt a complete dive with this pricing, I have no idea.  It was nice inside, friendly, and we left full and satisfied ready for an evening of snow tubing at Snow Valley.

The snow tubing was so much fun! We paid $15 for unlimited rides.  You sit in a rubber ring and get dragged up to the top of the slopes, then they push you over the edge of a steep drop.  We went on our own, holding on to each others tubes, and in a big one that all three of us sat in.  It was brilliant.  Much better than expected.  The sunset at the top was stunning.  The only thing that was a shame was the school style canteen.  The food looked awful, so we headed to our old friend Wendy for square burgers to end the day.  All the love for Wendys.  I would love to be served by someone actually called Wendy.  


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