Kerry is in town.  Day 2 – Niagara Falls, Albion Falls

Day 2 was a for venturing out of Toronto and seeing some waterfalls.  With a cold temperature in the minus, we wrapped up warm and hoped for some frozen waterfalls.  Albion Falls is one of my favourite waterfalls in Hamilton and we went to see if it was still flowing.  Unfortunately we could not get all the way down as the ice was too slippery, but we got level with the water and saw some bits of frozen mini falls around the main flow.  The day was lovely and fresh with a bright sky, so it was nice to be out and about.

An obligatory stop at the outlet mall, for me to visit Kate Spade and Kerry to develop a love for Roots and Davids Tea.  

Niagara Falls was its usual beautiful self.  I have wanted to go in the winter for a long time, so it was great to finally have the chance.  I never get tired of taking photos of Niagara Falls.  The rainbow was at the top of the falls and I took some stunning photos from a different angle.  The water was frozen in places in to icicles along the bank around the falls.  We got to the top just as they closed the Journey Behind the Falls, but luckily the lady still let us go down.  I was so glad we did.  This was so much better in the winter. The viewing windows were covered with ice and more icicles.  I loved it.

The Skylon Tower was a pretty trip during the sunset, though extremely cold. The sun didnt actually set over the falls, so we didnt stay too long.

We went for a walk around the shops.  We had hoped for some Beavertail, but again it was closed due to the off season.  So disappointing when many of other shops and attractions were open.  I love Wendys, so was pleased to be able to grab a Daves double before we went back to the car and to see the falls lit up in the dark.

Day 2 was met with the same level of tiredness as Day 1 and we both passed out tired out.


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