Kerry is in Town.  Day 1 – CN Tower, Toronto Islands, Pub Quiz

With two weeks notice, one of my oldest friends from Home is here to visit.  I have been so excited and as it was last minute, there wasnt enough time to get impatient.  She arrived on Valentines Day just in time to go out for a nice meal, where we were asked if we were a couple.  

We hit the ground running and Day 1 involved the CN Tower and Toronto Islands.  This was one of my favourite visits to the CN Tower as it is the first time I have been up and been able to see snow.  It was so much prettier with snow on the ground.  We had hot chocolates, perused the gift shop and headed for the Beavertail place.  Unfortunately, we arrived and it was closed Mon-Thurs.  

We got some chilli from Tims and boarded the ferry for a nice walk around Toronto Islands.  

We went to Far Enough Farm and petted the animals.  It was sad to learn that Charlotte, the giant sow, died.  I loved going to see her.

It was so so cold.  The day started at -8 and we got colder.  The ferry had the school children on it on the way back and we were not allowed to sit indoors.  Cold. 

Off to the Toronto sign and it has had a new piece added – there is now a maple leaf as well as TORONTO.  I think this is because Canada is 150 years old this year.  There are lots of changes and new things creeping in around the city.

We were shattered by the time we got home, but managed to find just enough energy to go to the pub quiz with friends.  I have come last every time I have been.  This time, we were runners up and won a $25 gift voucher.  So exciting! To come second was amazing!  Who doesnt love a quiz night that has Spice Girls related questions?!

We slept. So much. Just passed out on our beds. 


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