Foster friend #4 – Gizmo

On Sunday, my foster cat Elsie was adopted by a lovely couple who she took and instant liking to.  I couldnt have asked for nicer peope to take her. 

As soon as they left, I emailed and said I was ready for my next pal.  Yesterday, Gizmo arrived.  A handsome 5 year old boy with the most adorable beauty spot.  I was told that he bites if picked up and that he has surrendered twice by owners, the last ones because all he did was hide.  Obviously, I picked him up to see what happened and he sat over my shoulder purring.  He hasnt hidden once and all he wants to do is cuddle.   He spend his first night sleeping on top of my back while I was on my front, on my side if on my side and on my chest if I lie on my back.  He hates the cover being up to my neck and digs it away to nuzzle my neck.

Poor Mavis is in the bathroom again for a couple of days until I trust Gizmo not to eat her.

Gizmo has obviously had a loving owner at some point becausehe immediately wanted love andattention  whereas the others sometimes need to be shown love and learn its ok.  I think this is almost sadder.  I will feel sad letting him go, even though it will be to a forever home, he will think another person hasnt wanted him.   Until then, I have a new best friend.  


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