Being alone

The thing about moving to the other side of the world on your own is that you realise how much you can do on your own.  This is a blessing and a curse.  I realise that being on my own doesnt need to hold me back from many experiences – I can go alone and enjoy things just as much as if I had a companion.  I find myself thinking about who I actually want to spend my time with and not being prepared to put up with being a push over or someone who gets treated how I would never treat others.  I think the realisation of my independence has led to a lower tolerance.  Is it this, or is it getting older that is making me less tolerant?  I cant be bothered to have friends for the sake of it when I am quite happy in my own company.  I know I have enjoyed some experiences more than if I had had to  compromise with a travel buddy because they have been 100% my experiences and my choices. 

The difficulty comes when I want to do things that I cant do alone.  There are some hikes, some canoeing adventures and the main one right now is skiing, that I cant do alone. Skiing is a sport that is more fun with two.  I had so much fun last year, but it is looking like I wont get to do it again.

Although I knew how good my life I left behind was, I think I realise even more so now.  I dont think I knew how hard it would be to meet people with the same sense of humour, and the fact that anything goes!   I do have to censor myself here, not with everyone, but certainly more than is ideal.  The loyalty and familiarity of friendships based on silliness and a shared black sense of humour is hard to find and I look forward to being back amongst those who truly understand me.

This is not to say, I havent made some good friends here, and maybe a couple that I hope will be lifelong.  I hope that some day I can show them my side of the world.  Some I guess I will grow away from with the distance, but I will always have the fun memories. I have definately realised that I dont always need to be sad or mad if people arent in my life any more (even if we fell out), I can just remember that, we had fun once.


Foster friend #4 – Gizmo

On Sunday, my foster cat Elsie was adopted by a lovely couple who she took and instant liking to.  I couldnt have asked for nicer peope to take her. 

As soon as they left, I emailed and said I was ready for my next pal.  Yesterday, Gizmo arrived.  A handsome 5 year old boy with the most adorable beauty spot.  I was told that he bites if picked up and that he has surrendered twice by owners, the last ones because all he did was hide.  Obviously, I picked him up to see what happened and he sat over my shoulder purring.  He hasnt hidden once and all he wants to do is cuddle.   He spend his first night sleeping on top of my back while I was on my front, on my side if on my side and on my chest if I lie on my back.  He hates the cover being up to my neck and digs it away to nuzzle my neck.

Poor Mavis is in the bathroom again for a couple of days until I trust Gizmo not to eat her.

Gizmo has obviously had a loving owner at some point becausehe immediately wanted love andattention  whereas the others sometimes need to be shown love and learn its ok.  I think this is almost sadder.  I will feel sad letting him go, even though it will be to a forever home, he will think another person hasnt wanted him.   Until then, I have a new best friend.  

To do list 2017

Well I didnt quite manage to tick off everything I wanted to do last year, so there are a few carry overs….

  • Run a 10k
  • Eat at O’Noir
  • Visit Vancouver
  • Visit Nova Scotia
  • Visit Calgary, Lake Louise, Banff, hot springs
  • See a beaver in the wild
  • Go on an overnight canoeing trip
  • Science museum
  • See the circus
  • Go to a rodeo
  • Try stand up paddle boarding
  • Have a bbq on the beach
  • Lose 2 stone
  • Go to the haunted house near Niagara 
  • Book a flight home

I think thats everything.  There are things I would like to do again – ski, Manitoulin, Sauble beach, but those are thing I can do if and when.