Christmas 2016

Christmas this year was a different one again.  I have said to people that it is just a day, and it really was just that this year to me.  I am not too sad about not being at home as the family christmas is not as it used to be – with mum, dad and sibling in three separate cities, it would have just been an exercise in decision making. Christmas in our household has always been the perfect storybook day – log fire, real tree, a pet sleeping in front of the fire, mum roasting chestnuts on the fire, stockings, lots of chocolate, cheese and a roast dinner – so I cant say I wont miss these things, but they would never have happened so I was okay with whatever the festive period offered.

Christmas Eve

A walk around the beaches and lunch with an old colleague from another world when I was in addictions work, and lots of chatter and catching up.  The bacon bap with cheese and mushrooms I had was spectacular, and they used ‘peameal’ bacon – normal bacon to me.  The morning was lovely, and the happy feelings continued when I met some friends at a pub for a drink in the afternoon.  It was nice to go somewhere different and we went to a couple of christmas pub dos. 

I came home earlyish with every intention of a relaxing night with a film.  Alas, the lurgy hit and I went to bed feeling sorry for myself full of aches.  

I opened my Christmas presents early to cheer me up.  They made me cry because I was ill and they were thoughful and so nice.

Christmas Day

I actually stayed in bed all day feeling ill and worrying I wouldnt make my dinner plans.  Luckily, I am a trooper and made it to a friends house for Christmas festivities.  A few friends from the pub were there and we had a lovely relaxed evening.  The roast turkey with mashed potato was spectacular.  The gravy was not the same colour as English gravy which confused me – it was delicious though. We went to the pub after for a beverage and I came home for bed before midnight.


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