Distillery District Christmas Market 2016

I went to do my cleaning job this morning, came home for a nap and the streets had disappeared under a snowy wonderland.  We (Me and The Welsh) wrapped up and set off for the Distillery District to visit the Christmas Market.  The snow was not falling in a fairytale fashion, it was whipping our faces and stinging our eyes.  We eventually made it – the journey slow and transport full of snow covered bodies. 

We met the Scottish one there – it was lovely to have people to go with this year, and due to the snow, there were a lot less crowds than last year. 

The lights were pretty, the trees and sparkles were everywhere.  The giant plastic snowmen were covered in real snow, the mini maze of pink Christmas trees were snowy and the log cabins had proper snowy roofs.  The bakery was selling Cornish pasties – I was excited until they told me there were peas in it.  Why do Canadians put peas in their “Cornish” pasties?!  I had a thing called a Chimney Stack.  It was a bread/ pastry type cylinder covered in graham crackers and chocolate and marshmallow sauce.  The inside had melted chocolate and marshmallow sauce that I ate with a spoon.

There was a Christmas carol record attempt going on but, due to the snow, there were very few people.  We stood for a while watching the carollers, but it was too cold.  My warm investments were fine when moving, but stationary was too much for the winter gear to fight.

We walked around in the snow and then headed for a Tim Hortons to sit with hot drinks and baked goods and headed home.

Luckily, the street cars were running with no issues – a lot of the city hit standstill today.  Despite the weather warnings all week, it would seem not everyone put their snow tires on.  The roads near me were quiet and white.  


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