Running again. Again.

What with my runners knee a few years ago, and now plantar fasciitis, I sometimes feel that I should just live a sedentary life within reach of the fridge/ biscuit barrel.  

It has been around 2 months since I last had a little trot around the water treatment plant, and around 4-5 months since I ran without wanting to cry with the pain.

The quest to run pain free goes on and this week I had 2 steroid injections in each heel.  The injection pain was ridiculous, short, but it definitely hurt. A lot.  I had the injection on Thursday and bought some new gel plantar insoles to tackle it from all angles. By Friday night and Saturday my heels felt like they each had a big painful bruise on them with every step I took.  By Sunday night, I had noticed a massive improvement when I get up and with the walking pain.  It’s still sore, but sore as opposed to keeping me awake with pain.

Today, I went to the gym.  Again, a little sore and calves tight, but nothing extreme – I ran a mile in 10.43.  I didn’t want to overdo it so just did some cross training, arm weights, lunges – realised I had overdone it embarrassing quickly compared to my previous fitness levels and retreated to bed with a film!  My muscles are weary and my heels have a slight warm ache.

Feeling positive!


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