Is it nice to be back?

Is it nice to be back?

The familiarity of my apartment was nice, my floor always smells of nice cooking smells from somewhere.  The use of public transport again was disgruntling, made worse by the large very smelly dog, having to stand for part of the journey home and smelling cannabis all over the place again – why does everyone insist on using it so much here!?  It was lovely to sink in to my bed after the hours travelling – though I woke up at 4.30am after falling asleep at 10pm.  I have had three cups of tea from Tim Hortons and a chocolate chip muffin since being back.  I have also been faced with the harsh memory of the unfresh expensive mushrooms like a slap in the face with a wet flannel.  It was lovely that my welsh friend met me at the airport.

I loved returning to the snow! First snow fall was yesterday while I was flying.  I woke up and the ground was white.  A thin layer, but lovely nonetheless.  It is getting to my favourite time of year here.  Today, I walked on the boardwalk with the snow staying put due to the cold, but the sun shining beautifully.  It was fresh and bracing.  I love my winter boots.  I visited my favourite park to see the squirrels and my favourite chap was there waiting for some nuts looking very cute and chubby.

I still need to finish unpacking, but I really can’t be bothered.


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