Flight day and Mariah Carey

Finally, the day arrived.  I pottered off to work this morning, collected my wages and went to the bank, bumped in to a few people and said farewell.  Some people have said goodbye and then I kept bumping in to them again, it can get awkward so I did some last bits and bobs and hid in my apartment to avoid any more duplicate farewells. 

One of my pals from the pub lent his car to another friend to drop me at the airport.  On the way, we went downtown for a hot drink, a spot of shopping, a free gingerbread man at Hudsons Bay and lots of perfume sniffing and lipgloss testing.  Oh, and Mariah Carey was doing a free mini show and opening the Christmas window display at Hudsons Bay department store. 

Mariah Carey – she was due to go on at 7pm and I needed to be at the airport at 830pm.  At 730, getting rather cold outside waiting, we realised that we might not have time to wait.  We were going to give it until 745 before leaving.  Luckily, maybe, at 745 she appeared.  By this time, some people had already gone.  The crowd was restless with no entertainment or idea how long it would be.  She sang Santa Claus is coming to town first, I think – we couldnt really hear it.  Then All I want for Christmas.  It was nice to hear the song, although we could only just hear it and we werent that far away.  It was great we did get to see her as I was so very excited beforehand.  It was disappointing that she left her fans standing in the cold for so long.  Being a diva when people are waiting indoors with seats and a bar is one thing, but doing it in November for a dusk outdoor show, not cool.  Twitter provided giggles.  All in all, it was a lovely afternoon – I enjoyed the time with my friend more than hearing a stranger sing. 
Off to the airport with our heated seats on.  I bought a new lipstick and some other odds and ends, had a burrito and it was time to board.  So far, so good.  I have a selection of films downloaded and a couple of Jodie Marsh documentaries to keep me occupied.  6 hours to go…. 

2.5 hours to go… still havent slept.  Watched two fantastic Jodie Marsh documentaries, paid for three hours of wifi – read the news, the magistrates listings and some soap spoilers.  Had a cup of tea and the air hostess gave me two packets of those lovely biscuits you get in coffee shops.  Pondering airplane etiquette – the man next to gave me a mentoe, I didnt offer him a piece of my white toblerone.  I didnt want to share.  Is there any point sleeping now? If I dont sleep, what become of me tomorrow?

1.5 hours to go…. I was watching the pretty sunrise until the man next to me shut the window cover. Glad I didnt share my chocolate.  

20 minutes to go… everyone is awake, the lights are on and the windows blinds up, Gavin and Stacey series 2 has seen me through the last hour.  Will they clap as the plane lands?  

They didnt clap.  Phew. 


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