Life:  The past Fortnight

The past couple of weeks have been nice despite periods of extreme impatience.  

There was a lovely meet up with some of my favourite Brits for dinner at Hey Lucy, a cute cafe/ bar downtown.  I skipped real food and opted for the warm chocolate cookie with ice cream and cream, adding my own special instructions to make sure no fruit found its way on to the plate.  

A trip to the cinema with my favourite Welsh.  The Girl on the Train was fantastic. 

I went for a lovely drink and some food with a colleague from last year.  We went to the other end of the beaches for a change and ended up at Murphys Laws Oktoberfest party which was great fun.  There was free food and drink, goody bags with giant tankards and branded water bottles to take away, and we participated in a strong arm competition.  I had a delicious pie. Even after all this time, I just dont understand why you cant get green veg and mash to go with your food in pubs here.  Always fries, so many fries.

I coasted through to this week and have been pottering around passing the days with, well very little actually! It has been lazy and lovely, although the reason behind it, not so nice.  I went to the doctor as I have had a lot of foot pain, following xrays I have been diagnosed with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.  It sucks.  I have been in extreme pain and some nights, it keeps me awake.  Going to the gym has been a real struggle and I am really missing exercise and running.  Today I saw a surgeon who is going to do some steroid injections if the Osteopath cant help while I am at home.  There is light at the end of the painful tunnel.  

Yesterday, I had a lovely day strolling around the beaches.  I had a Davids Tea, refusing to deviate from my standard order despite the girls attempts to encourage me to try something new.  Saigon chai latte, lower temperature water, 2% milk and 2 pumps of agave every time.  I sat in the park for ages feeding the squirrels.  I cant believe how fat they have got.  They have lost all body definition.  They were coming up and sitting on my legs.  Mr Two Nut put in an appearance as usual for his share of the squirrel candy.  

The boardwalk was gorgeous with the sun shining and the fresh air and not too many people cluttering it up.  The snow fence has gone up and the cherry pickers were out with guys putting the Christmas lights on the trees.  I dont envy them that job.  One string for a normal tree is bad enough to deal with.

I did my last bar shift before my trip.  It was lovely that people were keen to say goodbye and wish me well on my travels.  I do love the locals and the regulars, the familiarity of the bar.  It was pleasantly quiet and steady after the mayhem of Saturday nights Halloween Party. 

For now, hanging out with Mavis.  So tired, but keen to check in for my flight online tonight before I sleep so it is done, and I know my extra luggage is booked. 


One thought on “Life:  The past Fortnight

  1. I’ve had several bouts of planter issues in the past. I’ve found that a small glass bottle for rolling my foot over several times a day really helped me.

    Good luck on your trip back to England and on your future travels.


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