5 sleeps, 4 cleaning shifts, 2 bar shifts and it will be time to fly home. I am have packed what seems like an insane amount of stuff, and yet I look around and my apartment looks as though I havent packed anything. So. Much. Stuff. 

I cant wait. I cant wait to see my friends.  The people who get my sense of humour.  The ones who need absolutely no filter.  My family, and to meet my nephew.  My cats.  I cant wait to see Mr Jinx with his one angry looking eye.  I am dreading seeing the empty stable where my lovely pony should be, and going for walks without her.  I cant wait for a night out where we can stay out dancing until daylight, if we feel so inclined.  My car, oh my gosh, I cant wait for the freedom of being able to drive places.  The log fire being lit.  The aga.  Ordering a meal in a pub and being able to get vegetables and mashed potatoes instead of fries with EVERYTHING.

Am I seeing everything with a rosy tint? There is a small part of me that is worried I am remembering a perfect Devon that doesnt exist.

This whole adventure has made me really appreciate England and all it has to offer.  Driving four hours before seemed like a ridiculous distance for one night or a day trip, these days that is nothing. I cant wait to explore more of England.   

I am 99% sure I want to return toEngland  next year.  It is a complete U-Turn from where I was a few months ago.  I feel like the honeymoon period is over in Canada.  I could easy be happy choosing to stay here.  The thing is, I didnt leave England because I was unhappy, so I see no reason not to return.  I have lost a lot of independence here being back in a rented bachelor and no car.  The benefits dont seem great enough to stay.  The summer is too hot and too humid, and I am over being asked constant questions about London.

I am so excited for a trip home, I just want to sleep until it is time to leave. 


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