End of an era

Well, thats it.  It is all over. The baseball season for the Blue Jays has ended and I am feeling terribly sad.  We made it through to the Post Season and I had an amazing experience getting to be there for all the home games.  The fans were so hyped up and excited, Blue Jays fever was spreading rapidly, although maybe not quite as much as last year.  The thought of getting through to, or winning the World Series was amazing and it was so incredible to believe it could happen.

As the game went on today, it became more real that this could be the last game I got to work at.  I felt emotional watching the game, emotional, tense, excited, hopeful – I almost wanted to hide until it was all over!  Then I felt silly for caring so much.  It was so sad that the last game didnt get to end with high fives and hugging random strangers.  

I have had my ups and downs, but had an amazing season and so happy that I got to be a part of it.  Whatever happens, wherever I end up living, I will always be a Blue Jays fan.  I came to Canada with zero interest in sports and will leave continuing to bore others with my baseball enthusiasm.  I feel genuine emotion about the game, and I felt proud to learn the rules, the players and to get to know the personality of baseball.  It is the end of an era for me, a short one in the grand scheme of life, but a big part of my Canadian adventure.  However sad it all is now, I cant wait to see some games as a fan and visit some other stadiums next year with renewed hope for a 2017 World Series win.


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