Hockey Hall of Fame and Goodbyes

The last few days have been nice and relaxing.  We went to the west end to a clothes shop my pal wanted to visit – luckily they also sold milkshakes, so that kept me happy.  We took a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods Park and found some people starting to lay snow to film an advert which was crazily realistic looking in the sunshine.  We walked through graffiti alley and went to Taco Bell.

On Thursday, we headed off to the Hockey Hall of Fame for some last touristing.  We had dinner at a pub downtown I have always fancied visiting and watched baseball.

Yesterday was one last stroll around the beaches before we set off for the airport.  On the way back from the airport I get the call to say, there was a flight problem and he was coming back to the beaches for one more night! 

Todays bonus day was an incredibly lazy one, I am almost ashamed to say, we mostly just slept and played on social media, read google trivia and discussed baseball.  A nice late lunch while watching the baseball at the pub, and it was time to say goodbye again.  For real this time.

What an amazing holiday. Even though it wasnt a holiday for me, it was.  We had the most fun.  We didnt argue at all which is amazing, not an abrupt tone or harsh word in sight.  A shared love of lie ins, shopping, baseball and food meant we just pottered around giggling, eating, spending money and making crude jokes.  English humour, gotta love it.  We sang a lot, we had a song by Buddy Holly – Everyday – in ours heads for most of the time.  My friends in the bar were amazing, so welcoming, reminding me of how they were when I first came here.  One leant me his car to drop my pal at the airport the first time, and then dropped him himself the second time.  I cant wait for round 2 in the snow!

The week has reminded me of the things I love about Canada and some of the amazing friends I have.  It has also reminded me how good my friends are at home.  The eternal internal quest to decide where home will be goes on.

For now, I should sleep. My apartment is strangely quiet with noone to chat to, and my foster cat moved on last week as well.  Me and Mavis against the world again.


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