Rogers Centre Tour, World Cup Hockey Village and Toronto Islands

The Rogers Centre do tours of the building, so we headed downtown for a spot of lunch and a tour.  Lunch was not as easy as one would think – its surprisingly hard to find a nice casual pub when you are very hungry and everyone around you is wearing suits.  I had a mushroom pasta.  Obviously.

The Rogers Centre tour was interesting and an excellent way to spend my time when I am not there working.  I was allowed to sit in the seats – its all standing when I am working, walk on the field and peer into the bull pen at field level.  It  was a good little tour, although I was disappointed we didnt get to go in the dug out.  

We had some time to kill before the game and decided to potter off to Kensington Market for some tattoos.  I got a blue jay on my inside heel and my pal got a maple leaf.  Mine hurt a lot.  The most painful one I have had so far.  Especially when we then had to hurry to hobble back in time for the game. 

The adventures continued throughout the week with a walk around the World Hockey Cup Fan Village and the Distillery District.  The fan village was good fun with lots of tents with different activities and promotions.  We ran around the village collecting stamps from different check points be one of the first 500 to get 10 and win a scarf.  Such easy fun.  

A stroll through St Lawrence market and I found a new Christmas shop to entertain me.  Luckily I managed to exercise some self control as the adorable mini wooden decorations came with a less than adorable price tag.

Every good tourist must take a trip to Toronto Islands.  Yesterday was the day for it.  

We took the ferry over and visited Far Away Farm petting zoo.  The alpacca I saw as a baby in the winter was there, Charlotte the giant pig and a cute new little pig that was covered in wet mud.  We sat and had our picnic and hired a quadricycle.  Record speeds saw us overtaking the tourists to reach the skyline photo hot spots.  There were ducks at Wards Island, I picked one up for a cuddle.  We had five minutes of rain, a hot chocolate and cycled back to have a roam in the maze before heading back for Beavertail and sports games.


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