Touristing with a friend from home….  World Cup Hockey and Ripleys Aquarium

A friend has come to town for my third visit.  Touristing has been taken up a few notches.  

On Wednesday I was not working in any of my three jobs, so it was nice to have a lie in before we did my standard favourite walk around the beaches, the ravine, kew gardens and the boardwalk before heading down town.  

It turns out we are a terribly bad influence on each other when it comes to shopping.  I finally got myself a Blue Jays jersey – Martin 55, he is the only player from Toronto and 55 is the year my parents were born, so he was a good choice.  Also got a scarf and a bag.  That was just the beginning…

The aquarium was an impromptu stop.  I have wanted to go for a while but just havent gotten around to it.  I loved the moving walkway through a tank with lots of sharks in it.  Having always been a shark fan, I could have stayed here for hours watching them.  I put my hand in a tank with some Scarlett Cleaner Shrimps and they nibbled and cleaned my hands and under my nails.  

We took a stroll towards the Air Canada centre to potter around the shop before grabbing some poutine and finding our seats for the Europe vs Canada World Cup Hockey game.  I love going to the hockey and my friend got me a hockey jersey and tickets to say thanks for having him.  We were supporting Canada, so to top it off, it was great that we won. 

We got some fantastic photos of the Toronto sign at night on the way home before arriving home exhausted. 


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