Bruce Peninsula:  The Grotto, Sauble Beach

I awoke after my second night in my bunkie a little less rested due to the relentless rain – but snug and dry nonetheless.  I also had a new title… Auntie.  My sibling had her first baby early in the early hours of Thursday for her in England, and late on Wednesday in Canada.  I find it strange that he was born on a different day for me.  All ok and I now have to wait impatiently for November to meet him.

My third and final day of my adventure took me off the island and back to Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula. I went on the ferry again.  This time I got to drive up one of the ramps and then the ramp raised up towards the ceiling with me still in the car.  An odd experience, not one for those who suffer with claustrophobia.  Still raining, so I found a quiet spot to sit and watch Bad Neighbours 2 on my trusty iPad. 

The sun came out as the ferry docked, and Tobermory was cute and bustling with fish and chip shops and tourists.  Very different to the frozen desert of February.  I didn’t stop long as I wanted to start heading south for The Grotto.  

The Grotto is one of those places that is on every list of top places to visit in Ontario.  A beautiful sea cave.  It was around a 20 minute walk from the car park to the grotto with some lovely views along the way.  The Grotto caused a number of different emotions.  Disappointment, guilt for not feeling more awestruck, disappointment at the tourists.  It was beautiful, there is no denying that, but all the pictures show a beautiful secluded idyllic haven.  I walked out into a tourist hot spot full of tourists.  The pictures of this spot are perhaps better than the lack of real life wow factor of the visit for me.  I met a lady along the way and we walked together and decided to hike the Mar Lake trail to Boulder Beach and back to the Grotto path and car park.  

When I visited the area in February, I took one of my favourite pictures I have taken since being in Canada.  I drove to Colpoy’s Bay with the idea it would be nice to find the spot, but unlikely.  I found it! 

Heading South again and I popped to Wiarton to see Wiarton Willie.  The story says that there was a groundhog who lived in Wiarton who, in February of each year, would predict the weather and when the Spring would come.  There is a festival each year, a statue to remember Willie, a live groundhog and all sorts of amusing stories of the murder of Willie and his under studies, cover ups and body doubles.

I had two more stops before returning to Toronto.  Sauble Falls and Sauble Beach.  I was told last summer that Sauble Beach was a must visit, and the falls were on the way.  

Sauble Beach was great.  I loved it!  It was a very English sea side beach with rubbish tourist shops, cheesy signs and a long sandy beach.  I was told by some people I chatted to that in the winter, the snow and ice blows in to such an extent that you could lean against the sign over the beach.  Lake Huron had good waves to offer and I had a lovely swim with my waterproof phone case.  So much fun. In those moments in the Lake, I didn’t have a worry in the world.  I stayed to watch the sun set.


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