Home visit

Flight home is now booked for November and I am getting more excited as it gets each day closer.  I cant wait for so many things…. friends, family, the sea, the moors, decent chocolate, the farm,  proper sausages and good food.  Familiar farm smells, sarcasm and inappropriate humour.  I will get to meet my nephew who will be born by then, and see my cats.  I can visit the dentist for free, and have my hair done by the only hair dresser I trust to do it how I like it.

I am flitting between excitement and sadness.  I cant wait to see the farm, but every time I think about it, I feel overwhelmingly sad that my Folly wont be there.  It is sad losing any pet, but its so much more so when you have had them for over 20 years.  I have only got one friend that I have had for longer than her.  She has been there whenever I have been sad about anything and now I will have to go to all the places I spent most of my time with her, and she wont be there.  Aside from this, people have a tendency to try and hug me which will only make it worse.  People dont understand and expect you to not be sad anymore a couple of weeks after pets die, but Folly was more than other pets.  Ever since I was little, I wanted her to be at my wedding one day, now she never will be.  She was every little girls perfect little pony, in a cantankerous, hairy, rolling, bucking, kicking, muddy kind of way with innocent long eyelashes to assure passers by that she is none of the above.


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