Willy Wonka

Wednesday night and me and my friend from Manchester pottered to the park to see a film – Willy Wonka.  We got there early, so fed the squirrels and then got a Tims and settled on our towels to wait.  The film started when It was almost dark and the place got pretty busy.  I have never seen an outdoor film and really enjoyed it – though very jealous of the person who thought to bring pizza.  

In true Canadia style, people clapped at certain points in the film.  In true English style, we looked at each other and rolled our eyes when this happened.  His led to a discussion about the type of people who clap when the plane lands and why don’t we get clapped for doing our jobs.  

Whilst I find that it is incredibly hot and humid and I didn’t think I had adjusted at all, we were shivering and wishing we had more layers at 24 degrees in the evening.  We must be adjusting because at this temperature in England, everyone would be filling the beer gardens and getting drunk and sunburnt.  


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