Proud to be British.

Last night someone asked me if I was from England and where from.  She then immediately apologised and said not to answer that if I didnt want to.  I did answer and chatted as she was nice, but it was so appreciated that someone actually considered that my life story isnt their business and that I might not want to answer all their questions.  I know I am nosy and at times borderline interrogational, but I do always give the disclaimer, and it is usually people that I have been introduced to, not strangers!!

Most of the time, I like to chat and dont mind, but often people/ strangers dont get the hint if I dont feel like answering the same questions.  Some days I feel I should just wear a sign that says “no I am not from Australia, or London, you wont have heard of Devon, no I didnt move here for a guy, yes I am sure about that, no I dont have family here, no not even one person”.  Alongside this people always think that there must be a reason I chose Canada.  There really isnt one.  I have always said how one the things I love about Canada is how patriotic they are here, proud to be Canadian.  Because of this, people seem to struggle with me picking Canada pretty much on a whim and learning the great things about it later.  This bit of the conversation tends to instigate people starting to slate England and assume I just wanted to go anywhere to get away.  Well, no it doesnt rain all the time and actually the weather can be quite pleasant.  I find myself beginning to defend England.  I have developed a new standard response of “there isnt much difference except that England is a bit hotter, a bit colder and people swear more”.  I think it best not to mention our awesome sense of humour and the fact that we seem to take a lot less “recreational” drugs in our daily lives.

And no, in answer to your question before you whatsapp me, this does not mean I am coming back – you know who you are :).  I still love Canada, I love so much about it, but perhaps some of their patriotism is rubbing off on me.  In England, if you wore a tshirt that said “Proud to be British”, it would potentially open a can of questions, but here I feel like I might just get that tshirt.  On the bright side, questions about Brexit have slowed to about one a week. 


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