Montreal: Mont Royal and home 

Day three and last day in Montreal was another lovely lie in and slow start to the day – cheesecake from the nice chocolate shop for breakfast.  I had done everything specific I wanted to do, so decided to spend the day wandering around Mont Royal and Parc La Fontaine.  My first stop was a mushroom shop that I had passed before, but it was closed.  It was a mushroom lovers dream and I came away with a selection on nice looking Paellas and risottos and, of course, some mushrooms.   I continued walking up the hill and east along Mont Royal pottering in and out of the little shops, stopping for a burger for lunch on a patio in the sunshine.  I then went a lay in Parc La Fontaine in the shade for a while before having another sundae in the chocolate and heading back to the hotel to collect my bag.  It was so hot, I couldn’t do much carrying my bag, so after a walk around towards Notre Dame, I went to the train station a bit early and sat in the shade reading my book.  The train journey home was uneventful and I enjoyed sitting drinking tea and reading quietly.


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