Off to Montreal

In my first day off in 20 days, after about 140 hours of work at baseball games, music gigs, cleaning and bar work, I am ready for my next mini adventure.  I am off to Montreal.  With work at last nights gig running late, I managed just under 3 hours sleep before getting up and getting to the bus station with minutes to spare for my 6.30am Megabus.  This is the longest bus journey I have ever embarked on, at 6 hours.  I have managed to sleep my way through most of it, but find myself in need of somewhere to brush my teeth, many good stretch, some good and some fresh air five hours in.  I think I could still sleep for another 24 hours given the opportunity.

As always I am prepared with my list of things to do and approximate locations and distance plotted so I can optimise my trip.  I am not quite sure what I expect from Montreal.  I don’t have much on my to do list, mainly want to have a walk around, sit in cafes and just generally see what’s what.  I am told that the French is not French French as taught in schools and spoken in France, though I don’t suppose I shall notice as I don’t know much French.

For now, time to check the route from bus station to hotel and prepare for what will hopefully be an on time arrival.


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