Roadtrip seeking waterfalls

Tuesday arrived.  Me and my friend from Manchester decided to book a car and go out for the day.  We were hoping to go to Kingston Penitentiary for a tour, but unfortunately, they were sold out.  Plan B.  We headed for Hamilton: The city of waterfalls.  We began the day with the breakfast of Kings, McDonalds, and headed out of Toronto. By the time we got to Hamilton, the heat and humidity were stiffling.  The first stop was Devils Punch Bowl.  Obviously, we picked a waterfall that ended up having no water!  It was still great to see and we trekked down to the bottom.  Our navigational skills turned the 10 minute walk into one that lasted around an hour and involved crossing train tracks, touring through a graffitied tunnel, climbing up steep banks, over rocks and eventually running accross someone’s garden to find our way back on the right path.There was a shop near the top of the waterfall without water where we got ice poles, cold drinks and baked goods.  The feeling of joy at those cold lemonades is something that will stay with me forever.

Next stop.  Albion Falls.  Loved this waterfall – it even had water in it.  We climbed down to the bottom again, took our shoes off and paddled in the water.  It was so refreshing in the heat, we could have stayed there for hours.   This one is right by the road and well worth a visit.

By this point conversation had turned to our next stop and we decided to head to Niagara Falls as Steph hadn’t seen the falls at night and we both fancied pancakes at IHOP for dinner.  But first, the outlet mall.  The Quicksilver shop blows my mind when I go there with goods less than a quarter of the price they would be in the UK stores.  It is insane. I got a bit delirious.  Kate Spade had a sale on on top of the outlet discount and I decided to spend some of my birthday money on a handbag and some earrings.

Unfortunately, as we left the outlet mall, we checked the IHOP opening times and they all closed except the one just over the border in America.  Unfortunately, without passports , the pancake dream left us and we went to Wendy’s – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Who doesn’t love a square burger?!

We saw the falls with the projected on to them at night and had a walk around the shops and arcades.  We had a selfie with a giant plastic moose, and oh how we giggled when we looked in the midget maker mirror!  Dairy Queen all round and time to head back to Toronto.  After a brief brush with the law on the way home where it was apparently deemed necessary to ask if I actually had a driving licence following a slight issue in the headlighting department, we made it home safely.  The walk home was humid and raccoon filled.  Sleep came quickly.


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