After a crazy couple of weeks with far too much work, I have a few days where my only work is my 2 hours cleaning in the mornings.  

Obviously my plans to sunbathe all day were scuppered by the absence of enough sun.  My ex work colleague and friend from when I was working over the winter came to the beaches and we had a lovely stroll and monumental catch up.

Every time I walk through Glen Manor Ravine, I want to walk accross the fallen tree. When Dad visited we contemplated it and decided that we would probably fall.   Monday was the day.  Erin and I sang songs from Dirty Dancing and tackled the tree.  Such fun.

We went to Kew Gardens and saw the Fairy Tree with a new door.  I prefer the old one.  We fed the squirrels and saw one my favourite squirrels, Mr Two Nut.  Recognisable by the white splodge on his tail and his ability to carry two nuts.

A cider on the patio overlooking the beach was a lovely end to a good walk.  I headed home for a nap with Tony and then met a friend at the cute little local theatre to see Now You See Me 2.  


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